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  • Location and Environment:
    Being situated in the clean environment of Nalagarh, near the foothills of the Himalayas, reflects a conscious choice for a location that values environmental quality.

  • Facility Design and Construction:
    Constructing the facility under expert guidance from Fuba Hans Kolbe Germany suggests a commitment to high standards in design and construction, likely incorporating best practices for environmental and energy efficiency.

  • Utilities and PCB Manufacturing:
    The facility's capability to meet all requirements of PCB manufacturing, particularly in terms of utilities, demonstrates a commitment to operational efficiency and technological advancements.

  • Air-Conditioning and Dust-Free Environment:
    The fact that the facility is fully air-conditioned and dust-free not only contributes to a conducive working environment but also aligns with sustainability goals by potentially reducing airborne pollutants.
  • Unused Space for Future Expansion:
    Allocating ample unused space for future expansion indicates a forward-thinking approach and readiness to accommodate growth sustainably.

  • Environmental Monitoring:
    The commitment to continuous checks of air and water pollution at the manufacturing unit shows a dedication to environmental stewardship and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Trade Effluent and Chemical Treatment Plant:
    The focus on maintaining and upkeeping the trade effluent and chemical treatment plant underscores responsible waste management practices, minimizing environmental impact.

  • Drinking Water Distribution System:
    Setting up a drinking water distribution system for the general public reflects a commitment to social responsibility by providing a basic necessity in the form of clean and cold drinking water to 500 people daily.

  • Triple Bottom Line Approach:
    Acknowledging the triple bottom line approach, where financial performance is considered alongside social and environmental impacts, aligns with contemporary corporate sustainability practices.